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services1Parents, teachers and other caregivers are increasingly aware of children presenting with ADHD, Asperger's Disorder, learning disabilities and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Not long ago, children with such conditions were too often ignored or dismissed as being "lazy", "odd", or "not intelligent." As a result, many adolescents, young adults and older adults live with undiagnosed challenges in attention, learning, or social comprehension.

Even though there has been a rapid growth and development of services provided to children with these conditions, supports and services to adolescents and adults transitioning to the world of work or colleges has not paralleled this growth.

The Adult Assessment Program (AAP) at the ICCD is a direct response to the gaps in the service delivery system for young and older adults with learning, attention, and developmental disorders. The AAP serves three primary groups:

Assessment consists of a clinical interview and administration of a battery of psychological and neuropsychological tests. These tests evaluate a variety of functions including learning, memory, attention, and organization. Additional tests may assess personality, social functioning and emotional status.

Following assessment and feedback, staff from the ICCD are available to assist in a variety of ways: